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Beco Baby Carrier

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Baby Shower Gift Review Beco Baby Carrier
My first impression when I received the Beco Baby Carrier was “wow, LOVE the pattern.” I had not opened the box but I could see a bit of the turquoise damask-like pattern – it was beautiful and trendy – perfect for today's modern and chic moms.

The carrier comes with an instructional DVD and reference booklet. I was a little nervous when I saw the ten steps but it’s not at all complicated, just a thorough step-by-step.

I have tried several carriers and many have very little back support or the buckles sit up too high on my low back making it very uncomfortable and not at all something I enjoyed. I was really impressed with the support the Beco carrier provided along my hips and back. The carrier sits comfortably with the baby supported more by my hips and shoulders and not at all by my lower back.

The padding is quite thick (which is fantastic) and the carrier is very lightweight. The Beco carrier is for front and back carrying of newborn to toddlers (7-45lbs). It is 100% cotton and machine washable. It is very impressive in these times of mass production and outsourcing that each Beco carrier is handmade in California, USA which also gives mom some peace of mind.

The patterns are beautiful (Sara is the pattern in the photos) and there are many, many to choose from but some are exclusive to certain vendors or locations outside the US so you will want to check the website for availability. The one featured here (BECO Butterfly 2) is available directly from

While learning more about the carrier on the Beco Baby Carrier website, I came across some interesting information about the benefits of baby carrying and this stood out to me; “Studies shows that Post-Partum Depression is much less common among mothers who frequently wear their infants. The reason is not entirely known but many speculate that it may be because of a hormonal stimulation baby-wearing provides and because worn babies cry much less.”

Not only will mom be able to enjoy some quality exercise with a new baby (walking only – never run, jog, lift etc when using a carrier) but she may also be reducing her risk of post-partum depression and have a happier baby! Who wouldn’t want that?

Overall, if you are searching for yourself or looking to buy a baby shower gift, the Beco Baby Carrier would be an exceptional purchase. Although $140 may seem costly, this is a carrier that can be used for years (or as long as your child will let you carry them) and should be thought of as an investment. The carriers are beautiful, excellent quality and the ergonomic design ensures comfort for mom and a safe “ride” for baby.
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